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101 in 1001

Crystal Young, friend and fellow advocate, got me started on these 101 in 1001 lists. Below is my second list, which is much more precise than my first and contains both fun but motivated goals. Completed goals are written in purple and goals in progress are green. Scroll all the way down to see the 2011-2014 list.

Start date: January 30, 2014
End date: October 26, 2016

Healthy Living
Complete 30-day shred
Workout 3x/week for 3 months
Workout 3x/week for 6 months
Run 10 short distance races -- 5 and 10Ks (1 - Manhattan St Patrick's Day 10K; 2 - Color Run 5/31/14; 3 - The Amazing Grace 5K 7/5/14; 4 - Run for the Brand (PR! 25:12) 8/23/14; 5 - Manhattan St. Patrick's Day 10K (PR! 55:17); 6 - Farm to Fork 5K 4/11/15; 7 - Run for the Brand (23:12 - not a full 5K) 8/22/15; 8 - Cornstock 5K (24:08 PR!) 9/26/15;
Run 3 - half marathons (yes, you read that correctly) 1 - Glass City Half Marathon 4/27/14; 2 - Sioux Falls Half Marathon 9/7/14 (PR! 1:59:02); 3 - Garmin Wickedly Fast Half Marathon 4/18/15 (2:04:05); 4 - Bill Snyder Highway Half 5/23/15 (2:18:01) 5 - Fall Into Winter 11/7/15 (2:07ish);
Go to the damn dentist
Get Lasik surgery
Give up soda for a month

Spiritual Growth/Paying it Forward and Marriage (because, clearly, these go hand-in-hand)
Tithe 10% of every paycheck for 6 months
Read the Bible from front to back (Old and New Testament) - Sharita showed me this great guide
Attend church regularly for a year (2x per month is regular for us since we're gone so much)
Pray out loud
Pray for strangers
Give until it hurts
Give a homeless person all the cash in my pocket (*note to self: start carrying cash)
Pay for next person's meal
Donate hair to Locks of Love
Read a marriage strengthening book with the Ninja
Finish our engagement, wedding and honeymoon scrapbook
Volunteer in my community 5 times
Donate to the foodbank

Learning New Skills and Trying New Things
Learn the basics of fitting a steer
Learn to change the oil in my truck
Take piano lessons
Teach myself one nice hair up-do for weddings and special occasions
Try 5 new foods (reindeer, elk, red snapper, okra, edamame bonus: conch)
Take an online history course

Nurturing Relationships
Visit 5 [more] friends who don't live in Kansas (Kylee-Ohio 4/14; Mandy - Minnesota 5/14; Kelly - Iowa; Becca - South Dakota;
Engage in 3 father/daughter activities (Hepler, KS rodeo roadtrip; Journey and Steve Miller Band July '14;
Plan 3 mother/daughter things
Attend 5 more of little sister's events - KJLS 9/14; KJLS 9/15;
Go out on 10 girl's nights (Boston concert; Wade Bowen concert; Pizza and wine (Feb); Bob Seger Concert 3/20/15; GordoNation at the K; Billy Joel concert)
Go to a concert with little brother
Plan a tailgate - KSU vs T-Tech 10.4.14
Host a dinner party
Send 20 thank you notes (handwritten)
Friendship photoshoot - rock the dress, KSU pride etc
Send Christmas cards at least one year

Domestication and DYI
Prepare one new recipe per week for 8 weeks (chicken stir-fry, beer drenched pork chops, crockpot potato soup, lasagna soup, new flank steak marinade, stuffed burgers, fruit pizza, fiesta goulash)
Complete two separate full-day sessions of cooking to fill the freezer
Make a perfect omelet (not a scromlet)
Make homemade bread without a bread maker
Learn basic sewing machine skills
Make a set of curtains using the sewing machine
Make some decorative pillows
Refurbish a dresser (or two)
Learn to make Grandma Buzzard's divinity candy, chicken n' noodles and other select recipes
Make and freeze/store my own salsa and/or red sauce
Plant a garden every year (if location permits)
Create a really cool DIY/craft project from scratch
Make/create 3 Christmas/birthday gifts
Make a cheesecake and an angel food cake from scratch

Financial Improvement
Save 10% of every paycheck for 6 months
Triple the amount of $$ in my 401(k)
Have zero credit card debt
Cut my student loan debt in 1/2
Take the Dave Ramsey finance course with the Ninja
Create a family budget and stick to it - evaluate and adjust after 3 months
Once every six months (for entirety of the 1001 days), complete a no-shopping month (March 2014; October 2014;

Organized and Decorated Home
Frame and hang B.S. and M.S. degrees (as soon as my M.S. diploma arrives...)
The next time we move, organize and purge unneeded items
Organize and clean office so that it's functional for two people
Buy and hang wedding photos and select Kansas photography for the walls
Hang either a photo collage or cross collage on one of the walls

Go whitewater rafting
Go rock climbing, hiking etc
Travel internationally - Belize 2015
Go camping
Visit 5 states I've never been to before - Tennessee (2/14), Alaska (6/14), New York (12/14),
Take a yearly family vacation (2014 - Alaska; 2014/2015 -Belize; 2015 - Cruise to Cozumel; 2015/2016 -
Meet someone famous
Go to an amusement park
Go pheasant hunting

Motivatated Thinking, Career and Writing/Blogging/Social Media
Write six chapters for my book
Have an article or blog post picked up by Huffington Post or similar outlet
Get a RT/mention on Twitter from someone famous - Peta doesn't count
Make a 'Recipes' section on the blog and post 50 recipes
Blog at least once per week for an entire year
Fill a journal
Meet 5 social media friends IRL - Troy and Stacy Hadrick, Chuck Jolley, Janeal Yancey, Danielle (Beard) Hayden, Daniel Hayden, Stacy Bettinghouse
Get 1,000 likes on Buzzard's Beat Facebook page
Speak on behalf of agriculture 3x (1 - Women Managing the Farm Conference; 2 - Sigma Alpha at KSU; 3 - Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow at KSU)
Get Twitter verified

Stuff Just For Me
Read one book per month - revise and update book list to reflect what I've read
Add 10 more books to our library (an actual printed copy) (1 - Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die by Willie Nelson; 2 - Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer; 3 - Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism by Temple Grandin; 4 - Animals Make Us Human by Temple Grandin; 5 - Bossypants by Tina Fey (hilarious and insightful); 6 - Yes, Please by Amy Poehler; 7-  The Nazi Officer's Wife by Edit Hahn Beer; 8 - Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan; 9 - On the Road by Jack Kerouac;
Get a new designer handbag
Create a coffee-table book out of my travel photos
Go to another K-State football bowl game
Check off some more concerts on my old soul music bucket list
Attend the KSU basketball game when they retire Jacob Pullen's jersey
Write myself a letter to open in 5 years
Go vegetarian for two weeks - blog about the exhaustion
Buy a barrel saddle
Finish Friday on the barrels - exhibition and enter at a rodeo/big barrel race
Start another young horse on barrels
Get inked
Buy a new [to me] Chevy
Eat mind-blowing steak at 3 premier steakhouses: 1 - Eddie Merlot's, Louisville, KY; 2 - Del Frisco's, Denver, CO; 3 - Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, San Antonio, TX
Beat the Ninja at Scrabble 3 times (this will be a miracle)
Go to a Chiefs football game or an away KSU football/basketball/baseball game (Chiefs game 9/14)
Make a new list when this one expires


Start date: April 11, 2011
End date: January 6, 2014
Healthy Living
1. Run/workout 3x a week for 1 month
2. Run/workout 3x a week for 2 months
3. Run/workout 3x a week for 3 months
4. Run 5- 5K’s for Beef or Breast Cancer
5. Go to bed before midnight every weeknight for two weeks
6. Drink 64 oz of water every day for one month

7. Have a date night with Hyatt each week for two months
8. Scrapbook our engagement, wedding and honeymoon
9. Celebrate one of life's little achievements once/month for 12 months (1/12)
10. Complete name change on social media sites, social security card, financial accounts, passport, driver's license etc
11. Celebrate our 1 and 2 year wedding anniversaries in a unique way
12. Watch 5 movies that Hyatt loves that don't interest me (Apocalypse Now, Papillon, X-Men,)
13. Have Hyatt write a letter to me to open in 5 years
14. Write a letter to Hyatt to open in 5 years
15. Make a list of 101 reasons I love Hyatt
16. Pick out two dogs for the FroBuzz home upon returning from Australia

Goals That Might Pain Me To Complete
17. Do a vegetarian challenge for one week
18. Watch Food Inc.
19. Watch An Inconvenient Truth
20. Eat a salad - a vegetable one
21. Wear heels everyday for 1 week
22. Replaced with the last goal in "Keeping in Touch" - 102. Have mother/daughter weekend @ lake
23. Don’t chew on fingernails for 1 whole month - May -- July 2011
24. Refrain from purchasing any item of clothing, accessory or footwear for 1 month
25. Eat 5 exotic/uncommon foods (Thai seafood 4/12/2011, Tofu Steak 5/2011, Kangaroo 6/2011, Crocodile 7/2011, Octopus 7/2011)

Keeping in Touch
26. Coordinate a tailgate for one of the following teams: KSU, KC Royals, Ohio State Buckeyes or the KC Chiefs
27. Call /visit my grandparents once/month for 12 months (6/12)
28. Organize and go on a mother/daughter day with Diana & Madie
29. Attend 6 of Kristy’s sporting events/school events/4-H stuff - (Bourbon Co. hog show, Bourbon Co. beef show,
30. Visit 5 friends who have moved away
31. Visit Brice in A-town
32. Go fishing with my dad
102. Have a mother/daughter weekend at the lake

Professional Development

33. Defend my thesis by May 2012
34. Publish an agriculture article in HPJ, KLA or publication/newspaper of similar demographic - May 2011 (Grass and Grain, Farm Talk)
35. Promote agriculture at community meeting or conference - 3x (2/3)
36. Develop a personal mission statement
37. Join learnersdictionary.com Word of the Day to broaden my vocabulary - June 2011
38. Consolidate/forward all email accounts down to 2
39. Post 3x/week for 1 month on Buzzard’s Beat - April and May 2011
Financial Conquistador-ism
40. Save $5 for each item on this list completed
41. Save 10% of every paycheck for 6 months
42. Learn to do my own taxes
43. Take Dave Ramsey finance course with Hyatt
44. Balance checkbook every month for 12 months
45. Create a family budget w/ Hyatt and stick to it for 3 months
46. Discover my credit score
47. Track Hyatt and I's spending for 3 months; evaluate and make changes
48. Complete a no-spend month
49. Pay off my small credit cards - Maurices, Victoria's Secret

Because I Want To
50. Purchase a new truck
51. Muster the courage to play blackjack in a casino - preferably win
52. Fly first class (even if it's only from KC to Dallas)
53. Go rock climbing
54. Acquire new square toed boots (preferably exotics)
55. Face 3 fears (claustrophobia 7/2011, heights 8/2011)
56. NOT have a baby before I'm 27
57. Scuba dive somewhere exotic - Great Barrier Reef 7/2011
58. Create a wardrobe I love. (This is defined as a closet full of clothes I am equally happy to wear)
59. Find the perfect cocktail dress - color insignificant
60. Become a lifetime member of the K-State Alumni Association

Becoming Cultured, Crafty, Organized and Design-y
61. Print off and organize all photos
62. Organize Buzzard family photos
63. Compose/make/compile Buzzard family tree
64. Design and print my own custom thank you notes
65. Frame and hang my Bachelor's and (eventually) Master's degrees
66. Design and print our Christmas cards for 2011
67. Make a coffee table book out of my travel photography
68. Purge and donate old clothes from closets at least three times (1- 7/2011, 2 - 1/2012)
69. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the SAME DAY - Lamington National Park - 6/2011
70. Attend an opera, symphony or musical - Love Never Dies 9/2011

Learning New Things
71. Learn to play piano
72. Learn how to make Grandma’s fried chicken, chicken n’ noodles and divinity candy
73. Learn how to fit a steer
74. Learn to drive the boat
75. Learn to change the oil in my truck
76. Learn to shoot a compound bow

Personal Development and Paying It Forward
77. Volunteer once/month at a breadbasket, food pantry or other comm. service 6 times (5/2011 - Red Shield Appeal;)
78. Spend under $10 on a meal & give a $10 tip
79. Donate 25,000 grains of free rice through Freerice.com (7270)
80. Write a letter to myself to open in 5 years
81. Donate hair to Locks of Love (again)
82. Start/keep journal for 12 months (1/12)
83. Earn someone's respect
84. Forgive someone (but never forget) 
85. Say 'I love you' EVERY day for entirety of 1001 days
86. Read one chapter of the Bible every month for 12 months
87. Memorize a verse from the Bible every week for ten weeks
88. Attend church once/month for 12 months (3/12)
89. Tithe 10% of every paycheck for 6 months
90. Read the books from this list

Miscellaneous/Fun Stuff
91. Cook dinner every night for a week straight (M-F). Every night must be a new recipe.
92. Go see a sporting event that I've never watched before - Easter 2011, Footy game
93. Make a cheesecake and pumpkin pie....from scratch
94. Send a secret (or 2) into Post Secret
95. Attend the K-State basketball game where they retire Jacob Pullen's jersey
96. Drastically change my hair
97. Watch a movie based on a Nicholas Sparks book and DON'T fight back tears
98. Post every day for 1 month on From Oz to Aus
99. Play golf 3x in the 1001 days
100. Bake and decorate a birthday cake for a loved one or friend
101. Start a new 101 in 1001 when this one is completed

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