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About Buzzard

Hey there - I'm Brandi Buzzard Frobose: small town Kansan, farm girl, agriculture communicator, cowgirl and K-State fanatic.

I was born and raised in southeastern Kansas - rodeo, 4-H, FFA and sports were my life then. Today it's rodeo, interacting with people interested in our food, K-State and animal science. My husband, Hyatt (referred to as the Ninja), and I live on a small hobby-esque farm outside of Manhattan, KS. He is a PhD student in Animal Science at K-State and I work for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association on the Issues Management team - a role that involves proactively promoting, and defending, beef to industry critics.

All my life I've known that production agriculture is where I wanted to be - when I was little I loved roping, helping my dad and grandpa at the feedlots they worked on and working with my cattle and hogs before the fair. Now I enjoy helping my sister and sisters-in-law with their livestock projects. Hyatt and I look forward to the day when we will have our own livestock operation located somewhere in the midwest.

I hope that you enjoy Buzzard's Beat and that the information and stories I post here are helpful in some way. I really enjoy music and it tends to show through in my posts as I make analogies to songs and artists often. If you have any comments or criticisms please feel free to shoot me an email [bbuzzard13@gmail.com] or follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Thanks for visiting!
~ Buzzard ~