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Friday, August 13, 2010

Operation: Domesticated Buzzard

Generally, the mother of a family hands down her cooking skills to her daughters either genetically or manually. Meaning, you're either born with cuisinart skills or your mom instills them in you by having you help her.  Well, that isn't the case with moi.  My mom is an amazing cook (actually, so is my dad), don't get me wrong.  I just never helped her cook because I was usually outside with the horses or being a tomboy.  So the genetic influence skipped me - it did however hit my brother square on head. Lucky little squirt.

Anywho - basically I'm not a chef.  It's not that I don't want to be, it's that I don't know how to be.  I don't know how to look for recipes, make a grocery list for recipes I want to make that week and then the big kicker is that I lack the time it takes to prepare quick, easy and delicious meals.  Enter: OPERATION DOMESTICATE BUZZARD

What I need from you, dearest readers, are recipes that are quick, easy and delicious.  Oh, and they need to incorporate meat.  Side dishes don't necessarily need it but main dishes - meat is a must. I'm open to all things - mexican food, italian, american --> all of it. 

So please help domesticate Buzzard by contributing your favorite delicious recipes (Hyatt will really appreciate it too). You can email me at bbuzzard13@gmail.com. Thanks!

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  1. Pretty much if you make ANYTHING off of The Pioneer Woman website, you are golden. There's some really good stuff on the Tasty Kitchen site too (link is on PW site)--especially the Bow-Tie Lasagna=SO GOOD. That's where I've been getting a lot of stuff. I'm not a very creative cook, but she gives pictures and REALLY easy to follow directions. If I can follow them, anyone can :)

  2. Agreed...all the good recipes are on pioneer woman...Alex loves her peach cobbler and her twice baked potatoes!

  3. Check out beefonabudget.com or Beef on a Budget on facebook! They put up some great ones!

  4. I like kraftrecipe.com Really easy to search their website, and the recipes usually are simple and the ingredients are already in my cupboard or easy to find. You can even type in three ingredients you have and it will find recipes for you that match. Good luck!

  5. Thanks guys! I also found out about www.recipepuppy.com It allows you to type in ingredients you already have and then finds recipes for you accordingly.