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Monday, January 17, 2011

Don't Judge Me Based on Your Ignorance

A fellow Food For Thought member pointed this video out to me today -- it's been floating around Facebook and YouTube for a few days but I've been cutoff from technology and am just now seeing it.

For your viewing pleasure "HSUS meets an average cattleman" - it pokes fun at HSUS (which I deem warranted) but also contains tons of valuable beef production information.

Hope you enjoy it -- it's absolutely hilarious!

Video courtesy of wt94j on YouTube

This will be a busy week for me (the wedding is Saturday) but I'll try to keep the blog updated!

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~


  1. Great find Brandi! I laughed several times. Can't wait to see you this weekend.


  2. This is GREAT Brandi! Hope you don't mind but I posted it on my blog too... I hadn't see or heard about this yet!

  3. I must give credit to DJ Rezac -- he introduced me to it. See you soon Crystal!