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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

National Fried Chicken Day!

I love love love fried chicken - I can prove this. Go to my Facebook or Twitter profile and read the 'about me' section. Fried chicken is mentioned - twice.

This food is so great, it deserves a post of its own. I make mine the old fashioned way, just like Grandma Buzzard does - dip it in egg, flour and spices then fry in a cast iron skillet. Yum! Serve it up with mashed taters, gravy and a glass of ice cold milk and you've got yourself a meal! I made some just the other night because I was having a huge craving.

What's your favorite fried chicken recipe? Share in the comments section, please. I'd love to try out some new recipes!

p.s. - UPDATE: I love fried chicken so much, we served it as the meal at our rehearsal dinner. Hubsy didn't have any say in that!
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~ Buzzard ~

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  1. We love fried chicken here. But I hate cleaning up the grease from frying. So I buy it at the store already fried.

  2. I have to resist doing that when I'm at the store - it always smells so delicious!